The train was 20 minutes late to the last destination. Then the bus that was to take us to the other train station was not here. 

So, we are sitting outside (no benches or anything). Waiting for a bus It’s 3:20 am. Who you gonna call (oh by the way no data for me).

No wifi at this station, but we are just waiting for something to come along. 

The police stop by and called somebody. Yet I have been here waiting for an hour now and I missed my connection to the train. 

I’ve put my pants in my boots and my shirt in my pants. I have sleep in worse places. 

Italy your breaking my heart. The place looks poor and take care of your people coming to visit your country. 

Finally we got back on the train that brought us here and it too us to the train station our ticket was assigned too. 

It’s about 5 o’clock in the morning when we arrive. 

Will somebody tell me where all these African men are going too this early in the morning. Running like they late for something. 

Finally made it to my destination. 

By Why Not Me Travels

Free to do my own thing

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