France here I come

Spain has been exciting and now I will spend my last two days in San Sebastián Spain and fly to Paris France. The city I loved the most Grananda it is what I expected in a town and the old country. 

All the cobble stone streets. The people were more approachable. 

My favorite hostel was in Madrid, (Mola!)just because it was newer. You had your own space and the drawer under the bed could hold my Aunt Clotea bag (inside joke). It is in the heart of Center City. I walked out and everything was walking distance.

The best personality was in Cordaba (Princilla) at Funky Cordaba was the sweetest person at the hostels so far. All was nice but she honestly wanted me to be happy there. 

Now, it’s time to remember all my French thank God I downloaded all the languages in Google translate. 

Talk to y’all in France!


Granada Spain

Caught a bus to Granada Spain. Got in early an caught a taxi to my hostel The taxi driver ask me if I wanted to have a boyfriend in Spain and America.  Hot mess!! 

The lady at the hostel in Cordaba signed me up but she did something wrong I did not get the discount but it was only 14€ for a private room have to share a bathroom.  It’s on the first floor and the court yard is outside the window so no sleeping in. 

I walked to see some sights yesterday evening remember it’s not dark till 10 pm. . Thank God I brought those trail boots. I did see people with flip flops and yes some heels. 

This was the last street I walked up

This is a gang way and these are doors to there home. 

I was so tired but it was worth the climb. 
Helped Alisha find her hostel and found a restaurant the fries was good. The people were great. He invited me to a free breakfast the owner. 

This is after I sent it back, a little too raw for me. 
Listen to the birds singing

​l also passed a lot of street vendors on my way back. 

This is all good night


Another New Friend

As I’ve stated I’m  in Córdoba Spain.

Hostel don’t have towels but you can rent one for cheap. I did not want to sit in my room so I decided to go for a walk. As I was headed out the guy who checked in before me (Hiro) for Japan was headed out so I asked where was he headed and he said a walk yes I asked was it ok if I walked with him. 

So. Hiro is traveling around the world too. Guess what language we spoke yes the dreaded English (lol). Americans please learn another language this is why we are falling behind. 

Any way we hung out ate dinner. I’m just going to eat salad from now on maybe they will not mess that up.  It was a chicken taco. 


Seville Spain

After landing in Rota Spain, I met a great family traveling around too. They rented a car and headed to the mall and Seville Spain. 

Of course I caught a ride too and it did not feel weird. I felt like I was apart of the family. 

You have to go the the police to get your passport stamped. Just my luck the guy who does that was off. So, I got a piece a paper with a stamp on it (ugh).

Found a cheap pay as you go SIM card so I can text and stay in touch. Found a cheap room on Hotwire and had a good night sleep before exploring the city. 

Thanks to google maps it told me what bus to catch and which way to walk. 

I stop and had a ice cream snack. I ate some local cuisine but in the end McDonald’s always have nuggets. I can’t believe I have travelled half way around the world to eat McDonald’s. I’m a hot mess. 

Seville was beautiful and lots of old buildings the catedral of Seville was really nice and very old. I posted pictures on Facebook (Pat Fluker) if you want to check them out. I seen some New Yorkers and it made me feel good to know some Spanish phrases they knew none. 

I’m headed to Córdoba Spain riding the train and tonight I will stay at a hostel to see how that works. 


Landed Rota Spain

Finally left Charleston SC, had to wait a couple of hours for the plane. Sleep on a C17 with a bunch of people headed in different directions. Ate breakfast from a box seems like the trip is going to be perfect. 

Weird not having my phone but I’m sure that can be fixed. Met a lot of great people so far. 


Well let’s go

Travel from Chicago to Charlotte for one night. Seen all the grands and got lots of hugs. Woke up caught a bus greyhound to Charleston. (The wifi sucked). Uber to the base sat around waiting for my name to be called. (Every where you go negative people) I knew it would work out. Now waiting for the flight to leave. Life is good!!