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Santiago Chile

My 60th birthday present to myself was not to work one day in December 2019. Chile was my first stop on my South American travels. If you are wondering why, I found a ticket for 30,000 airline miles. Which is very inexpensive compared to 109,000 from most airlines. I left on the 28 November 2019. It was summer in Chile too. My friend Ivonne, help me find a safe place from all the protests going on in Chile. She made sure I found a hostel away from the nightly riots in the city. The riots could erupt at any time and place. The police were out in force. Some streets were closed off.

This is Pat(left) and Ivonne(right). I met Ivonne in Japan in 2017.

Ivonne took me on a tour of the city. We walked for hours, however, many places were closed because of the riots. The hostel was close to food, shopping and whatever you wanted to do. The city was surrounded by mountains. It is a beautiful city with lots to do. Enjoy my walk around Santiago, Chile.

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