Paris France

We all dream of going to Paris France but it fell short to me. To use the public bathroom ,70€. This is each time. On the street outside you got to pay to use the toilet. Every body got those little Eiffel Towers to sell oh don’t forget the selfie sticks.  

The feel of the city was exciting! For people who live there do you not know how to get to the Eiffel Tower. 

Metro line 1 or yellow line get off on the one that’s says Eiffel Tower under the stop.  
This is huge if you have not seen it yet. Good vibe all around. Thanks to the Hyatt yeah that one for keeping my bag at the concierge desk for there customers.  

Well I’m off to see the Queen! Cup of tea any one.

By Why Not Me Travels

Free to do my own thing

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