France here I come

Spain has been exciting and now I will spend my last two days in San Sebastián Spain and fly to Paris France. The city I loved the most Grananda it is what I expected in a town and the old country. 

All the cobble stone streets. The people were more approachable. 

My favorite hostel was in Madrid, (Mola!)just because it was newer. You had your own space and the drawer under the bed could hold my Aunt Clotea bag (inside joke). It is in the heart of Center City. I walked out and everything was walking distance.

The best personality was in Cordaba (Princilla) at Funky Cordaba was the sweetest person at the hostels so far. All was nice but she honestly wanted me to be happy there. 

Now, it’s time to remember all my French thank God I downloaded all the languages in Google translate. 

Talk to y’all in France!

By Why Not Me Travels

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