Granada Spain

Caught a bus to Granada Spain. Got in early an caught a taxi to my hostel The taxi driver ask me if I wanted to have a boyfriend in Spain and America.  Hot mess!! 

The lady at the hostel in Cordaba signed me up but she did something wrong I did not get the discount but it was only 14€ for a private room have to share a bathroom.  It’s on the first floor and the court yard is outside the window so no sleeping in. 

I walked to see some sights yesterday evening remember it’s not dark till 10 pm. . Thank God I brought those trail boots. I did see people with flip flops and yes some heels. 

This was the last street I walked up

This is a gang way and these are doors to there home. 

I was so tired but it was worth the climb. 
Helped Alisha find her hostel and found a restaurant the fries was good. The people were great. He invited me to a free breakfast the owner. 

This is after I sent it back, a little too raw for me. 
Listen to the birds singing

​l also passed a lot of street vendors on my way back. 

This is all good night

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